I am pleased to announce a collaboration with Museums & Galleries Ltd.

Starting this year, you will find a selection of my work on their landmark 'Classics' range of very fine Art Cards. 

Distributed in over thirty countries, Museums & Galleries Ltd. is the UK's leading publisher of quality art cards and design-led stationery. They are the official publishers for the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Library and the Natural History Museum. London, England.

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Posted: 15.02.2018



I am thrilled to announce that 'Synchronicity' is one of sixty works selected from the 2017 'Birds in Art' exhibition to be included in the national tour. The painting will travel to five museums over the next sixteen months. As well, I am honoured that the Museum's acquisitions committee has voted unanimously in favour of purchasing the work for the Leigh Yawkey Woodson's permanent collection.


Posted: 21.09.2017



The team at PT Explorers (Dubai) have asked me to write a short, but insightful piece about my work.
I invite you to explore their beautiful August/September issue and peruse 'True Nature' at:


Posted: 19.08.2017


LEIGH YAWKEY WOODSON ART MUSEUM : 'Birds in Art' 2017. Wausau, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

'Synchronicity' will be on display in this year's 42nd annual 'Birds in Art' exhibition. Opening September 9th and running until November 26th 2017.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit: 

Please visit my Homepage for a short statement about this work.

Posted: 11.07.2017





If this painting surfaces, know that it was 'lifted' from a private collection in Canada a short time ago. Any information regarding its whereabouts should be directed to your local authorities. Thank you!

'Dowitcher' 2002

watercolour on rag board

38 cm x 39.50 cm  15" x 15.50" (image)


Posted: 07.05.2017


LEIGH YAWKEY WOODSON ART MUSEUM : 'Birds in Art' 2016. Wausau, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

'LightSwept' will be on display in this year's 41st annual 'Birds in Art' exhibition. Opening September 10th and running until November 27th 2016.

*Update 24/09/2016 : The painting has now been selected for the National Tour and will travel to five Museums over the next sixteen months.

For more information, please visit:

Posted: 17.08.2016


HOUSTON MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE :  'Art & the Animal' 2016. Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

'Thin Air' (White-tailed Tropicbird) 2015, will be on exhibition at the Society of Animal Artists 56th Annual Members Exhibition. It opens on September 23rd and runs until January 1st 2017. For more information, please visit:

In ‘Thin Air’, I have used the ‘white’ bird as a gauge to measure warmth and coolness in the surrounding atmosphere

*Excerpt from the 'Art & the Animal' 2016 catalogue.

Posted: 08.06.2016


'EMPERORS'  acrylic on rag board  10.50" x 16.25"  27cm x 41cm

COMMISSIONED WORK?  If you would like to discuss the possibility of commissioning a piece, please contact me at:  

Here, my client requested "some baby penguins"... and of course my challenge was ...

How do I construct a solid painting, dealing with almost certainly, the most endearing creatures on the planet ? 

Posted: 26.01.2016


LEIGH YAWKEY WOODSON ART MUSEUM :  'Birds in Art' 2015. Wausau, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

'A New Day' will be on exhibition until November 29th at the Woodson and has been selected for the national tour. It will travel to five Museums throughout the United States over the next fifteen months. For more information, please visit:

Upon reflection, ‘A New Day’ speaks of personal change and new beginnings. As an allegory, elements within the watercolour can be interpreted as symbolic representations of all that is fresh and new and unknown

*Excerpt from the 'Birds in Art' 2015 catalogue.

Posted: 28.09.2015


BIRD STUDIES CANADA :     Baillie Birdathon  2015 

     Once again this year, I am donating a framed artist proof giclée print 'Study for Common Yellowthroat' as one of the prizes available to participants in the Baillie Birdathon. Important funds are raised through this event each year for bird research and conservation. 

For more information, please visit Bird Studies Canada at:

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