*Some essays/articles have been uploaded. Please click on the title to view (pdf format).

*2017: 'True Nature' by Chris Bacon. PT Explorers. August/September Issue.

2014: 'Artist Focus / Chris Bacon'. Western Art Collector Magazine. September Issue.

2014: 'B City Entrepreneurs, Chris Bacon/Artist'. B City Magazine. Summer Issue.

2011: 'Reflection Takes Wing'. The Artist's Magazine. November Issue.

2011: 'Artist Profile: Chris Bacon'.  West of the City Magazine.  January/February Issue.

*2010: Chris Bacon 'Alight'. Exhibition Catalogue (A thirty year retrospective). Art Gallery of Burlington. 

2006: 'Leaders of the Pack'. The Artist's Magazine. December Issue.

2006: 'Reaching Beyond the Subject'. American Artist 'Watercolor'. Winter Issue.

*2004: 'True to Life'. Hamilton Magazine. Winter Issue.

*2004: 'The Moment Between Movement'. BIA Exhibition Catalogue. Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.  

*2004: 'Finding His Way'. Wildlife Art Magazine. September/October Issue.

2001: Biographical entry. Who's Who in the 21st Century.

2000: Biographical entry. 2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century.

1998: 'Suspending the Moment'. Gallery Magazine. Summer Issue. 

1997: 'Drawing on Nature'. Equinox. No.93. July Issue.

*1997: 'A Distinctive Voice'. Wildlife Art News. May/June Issue.

1996: 'Chris Bacon: A unique and elegant stylist'. Magazin'Art. Volume 8, No. 4. 

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1996: 'When Subtlety Takes Wing'. International Wildlife. September/October Issue.

1995: 'Capturing Nature Unrehearsed'. Wildlife Art News. January/February Issue.

1994:  'Work in Progress'. Art Impressions. Winter Issue.

1992: 'Pushing the Limit'. Art Impressions. May/June Issue.

1992: 'To Achieve Perfection'. Informart. January/February Issue.

1992: 'Wildlife Arts Best Kept Secrets'. U.S. Art. January Issue. 

1991: 'Artist Vignette'. Wildlife Art News. May/June Issue.

1990: 'Artist Update'. Art Impressions. September Issue.

1990: 'Five Young Wildlife Artists'. U.S. Art. March Issue.

1989: 'Chris Bacon...In Search of Excellence'. Art Impressions. May/June Issue. 

1989: Feature article. DU Conservator. Volume 10, No. 2.